About Us

It’s 2019 and Flair Interiors has been around for a decade.  It was started by a vivacious entrepreneurial friend of mine and I was lucky enough to take over ownership from 2019.  I am as passionate as she was and love supplying my clients with quality product and installations.  I am a busy mid thirty something woman with 2 kids, and Flair is my current third baby.

If you are looking at adding depth or texture to a space consider wallpaper, it can be used for atmosphere or a statement piece.  It is an incredibly versatile product, but I warn you, it is addictive!

At Flair Interiors we deal with all the Fabric Houses as well as Wallpaper suppliers to acquire quality product.  We also print off custom prints, either onto a canvex fabric or paper which we then apply to the wall.  Anything is possible with wallpaper as we see the trends changing all the time.  If you are interested please call or email me.  We sell to clients throughout South Africa.  Wallpaper can be chosen directly from the Fabric Houses (our prices are competitive), through Whatsapp or email messages and if you are local I would suggest visiting my showroom, by appointment, in Durban North.  Once the wallpaper is chosen we have a team of skilled and trained wallpaper installers.  This is their gig, it is what they do every day.  They are meticulous and precise and get the job professionally completed. 

We also sell and create wall stickers, decals, vinyl’s, whatever you would like to refer to them as.  In brief, anything that beautifies a wall can be found at Flair Interiors. 

Additional to wallpaper we assist our clients with soft furnishings, which includes recovering of upholstery items, cushions and curtains.

Rugs are a recent addition and we sell rugs from our trusty suppliers, with new ranges continually being brought onto the market.